Music Information

Music Information

Welcome to the Central Music Page! My name is Mrs. Nagel.  I've been teaching at Central Elementary since 2013, and teaching in Portage since 2006! I love teaching K-5th Grade Music. We meet for 25 minutes, twice a week.

Here's a breakdown of what the kids do here in Music at Central.

In grades K-3 they learn rhythms and notes through singing and playing percussion instruments.

In 4th Grade students build on those skills by using recorders to further hone their musical skills by playing a wind instrument. They love going through the recorder karate program.

In 5th Grade, students use ukuleles to get a sense of playing string instruments. They also get to try out all of the instrument families during 5th grade to help them decide how they will go on musically in middle school. My favorite part of 5th grade is their composition project. 5th graders write a song for the 4th graders to play on their recorders!

We also have a 4th/5th grade choir which meets after school.

We have a lot of fun down in the music room! Have a Musical Day!

"Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent."
~Victor Hugo