Reading Teacher

Mrs. Papachronis, Title 1 Teacher
Mrs. Hand, Title 1 Teacher
Mrs. Swanson, Title 1 Teacher

Mrs. Hand
Mrs. Papachronis
Mrs. Swanson
Miss Mayfield
Mrs. Papachrois

Title I services at Central Elementary School include, working with grades K-2 students in our Title I reading program, and pulling out small groups and work on reading and writing.Also, working with students in grades K-5 in a small pull-out group or push-in for a whole group teaching session, testing for the gifted program in grades 2 and 5, IQ and reading level testing for grades K-5 and, ESL (English as a Second Language).
Julie Ford, Title 1 Assistant
Kelly Morganelli, Title 1 Assistant


Title 1 Assistants either have a two year degree or have passed the State mandated Paro-Pro Test.
The Assistants pull small groups from the Kindergarten, First and Second Grade classrooms to work individually on DIBELS skills. They also work with the in the classrooms to be an extra hand in whatever the teacher needs.